Sherry with Sue and Dick Rainy

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Rick Cross, Sherry, former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and

Sylvia Panetta Director of the Panetta Institute

Sylvia Panetta, ABC News Commentator Cokie Roberts, Sherry, Rick Cross, and Leon Panetta

Sherry with Vice President Joe Biden

Tina DeBoer Long, Joe Long, and Sherry

Sherry, with Dr. Jane Goodall Primalotogist, Conservationist, Humanitarian, United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dame of the British Empire and founder of the Jame Goodal lInstitute, and Ginny Barrette

Sherry and Sylvia Panetta Director

of the Panetta Institute

Sherry with California Attorney General Kamala Harris

Rick Cross, Sylvia Panetta, Sherry,

and Leon Panetta

John Lovell and Quentin Kopp former California Superior Court Judge and State Senator

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Madera Horses

Sherry with Gil and Suki Garcetti,and

Gretchen Wyler

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Sherry and Ellen Taucher

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Sherry and Angelo Paparadello

Sherry with Charlie Wilson

Sherry, Rick Cross, David Martin National Security Correspondent for the Pentagon and CBS News , Sylvia Panetta, Jim Miklaszewski Chief Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News, and former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

Lindsay Shelter

Sherry and Former World Champion Steer Wrestler Jack Roddy 

Ted Balestreri, Dianne Harrison President of California State University, Sylvia Panetta, Sherry, and Mayor of Monterey Chuck Della Salla and Sandy Dell Salla


John Lovell, Sherry, Deanna and Michael Fox

Sherry and Bill Lockyer former California State Treasurer and Attorney General

Sherry with former President Bill Clinton

Sherry and Puppies

Jim Provenza and Sherry

Jeremiah Hallisey and Sherry