Signed into law!

Our friend Judie Mancuso and her group Social Compassion in Legislation  sponsored a landmark lifesaving California state bill,  AB 485 the Pet Rescue & Adoption Act, that will kick puppy mills out of California. The bill requires that all pets sold in pet shops (dogs, cats and rabbits) come from a shelter or rescue!

Sherry DeBoer and Jimmy Panetta

The Merry Christmas Bull. Thank you for my life! Sherry's Brahma Bull.

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Political Animals by John Lovell
The Animal's Voice Magazine Volume 9, No 3 July/Aug 1996.  The animal protection movement has the potential to exert a level of political clout that far exceeds the very real power exerted by the National Rifle Association, the Christian Coalition, any number of organized labor or business groups or other interest groups that have defeated us in the past.

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