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Political Animals by John Lovell

The Animals Voice Magazine

Volume 9, No 3 July/Aug/Sep 1996

The Animal protection movement has the potential to exert a level of political clout that far exceeds the very real power exerted by the National Riffle Association, the Christian Coalition, any number of organized labor or business groups or other interest groups that have defeated us in the past.

John Lovell

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*Sherry DeBoer is Sherry Miles the actress.










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"All that is truly spiritual is ultimately political." Mahatma Ghandi





Prop 6

Taking water from puppies?
SACRAMENTO-California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger on October 14, 2007 endorsed into law a new set of regulations for pet stores. Whether that would be good remains a subject of bitter debate among California animal advocates.

If you want to bark with the big dogs.

The Animals Voice Magazine July/Aug/Sep 1996

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